Flexible and economical machining with batch sizes as small as 1

It opens up new perspectives into a room: the door. But doors are not all the same. You know that from your customers. One of them likes modern versions from large-scale production. Another prefers a tailor-made object from which refined details emerge.

For you as a door manufacturer that means flexible and economical machining with batch sizes as small as 1, covering an ever growing diversity of designs and materials.

BENZ units cover the entire process chain

So it's a good thing there are smart BENZ unit concepts covering all these requirements: lean designs for the smallest cutouts, multi-angle heads for reduced tool change times and units that can withstand even the most extreme conditions.


Suitable products

BENZ FORTE Lock recess trimming unit / Classic Line
Classic Line
Lock recess trimming unit
Due to the recessed spindle output, this unit is ideal for horizontal machining with long tools. The additional second output spindle allows a second milling tool to be used without changing tools.
BENZ ANGULO Corner Notching Unit / Classic Line
Classic Line
Corner Notching Unit
Due to its narrow design, this unit is suitable for plunging into small recesses (e.g. notching of inside corners on light cutouts).
BENZ FLOATING VC Trimming unit vertical compact / Classic Line
Classic Line
Floating trimming unit vertical
Small and fast: floated milling or engraving with up to 24,000 revolutions. Integrated chip removal for more cleanliness on the workpiece surface.
BENZ ZUCCO Vibrating sanding unit / Classic Line
Classic Line
Vibrating sanding unit
Fine grinding of flat surfaces. Sanding of fillings to the corners (eg, country house doors).
BENZ CATENO-F Mortising chain unit / Classic Line
Classic Line
Mortising chain unit
Mortising of very deep and flat pockets with automatic chain tensioning during the machining process. No chain lubrication required.
Manufacturing of doors – more products

In addition to the products shown here, we offer a variety of other useful angle heads to assist you in your door production.