Knowledge and experience.

Our knowledge of the metalworking industry and decades of development partnership make us ideal for new tasks anywhere in the world.


We deliver a vast array of standard components from stock and develop innovative, customized systems for OEM and end customers.


Whether in machining centers in the automotive, aerospace or wind energy industries, units from Benz can be used anywhere. Numerous customers choose us as their systems and innovation partner.

Angle heads: added value for your machining center

Milling, drilling, countersinking, tapping and much more – BENZ angle heads offer you a wide range of possibilities for processing metal and composite materials on you machining center.

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Angle heads: standard series BENZ Select Line

Our most popular angle heads MONO WSX and FORTE WWX in the BENZ Select Line program. Benefit from attractive prices and fast delivery times with the well-known BENZ quality.

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Multi spindles: simultaneous multiple machining

Shorten your machining time. With multi-spindle heads, you perform similar or different machining operations at the same time.

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BENZ LinTec: Broaching units

Broaching units from BENZ make it possible to machine materials that have high tensile strength. The lift-off device avoids wear and prevents the cutter from breaking during the return motion coming out of the workpiece. The production is energy- and resource-saving.

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BENZ Jet: high-speed spindle coolant driven

BENZ JET aggregates use the machine's own high pressure coolant supply to drive the tool. The spindle is therefore ideal for machines with a high coolant pressure. With an optimized machining result and increased efficiency of your processes, you can reduce machining time by up to 70%

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BENZ Speeder: mechanical high-speed spindles

BENZ SPEEDER high-speed spindles use standard mechanical gear technology. A maximum output speed of up to 40,000 rpm is generated from the input speed of the machine, where the gear ratio is 1:5.

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Our goal is to support you in your tasks. Thanks to many years of expertise and the right BENZ aggregates, we are here to help to make your production easier and more efficient.

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