All versions of BENZ JET use the same HPC- spindle technology, which is provided by Colibri spindles. The High Pressure Coolant model uses the machine's own high pressure coolant supply to drive the tool.

The spindle is therefore ideal for machines with a high coolant pressure. With an optimized machining result and increased efficiency of your processes, you can reduce machining time by up to 70%.

The high-speed spindle is quickly prepared for operation using a standard tool holder with a collet chuck. Cutting tools are clamped with an ER11 spring collet.

Your benefits at a glance

BENZ High-speed spindles are used when the spindle speed of a machine and the resulting cutting speed is not sufficient for machining, which is often the case with older machine types.

Reduce your production time and protect your machines through

  • high speed ranges
  • high dimensional stability even with longer machining cycles
  • excellent running smoothness and run-out accuracy
  • plug & play: commissioning in a very short time
  • real-time wireless speed monitoring via external display

Options of the radial design

Without torque support

  • fast commissioning
  • accuracy depending on the drive cone
  • stop block not necessary

With torque support

  • highest precision
  • stop block necessary
BENZ Speedtec – High speed spindles: BENZ Jet radial
BENZ Jet – radial design
Pre-machining and finishing, drilling, milling, chamfering
The coolant driven HPC-spindle in combination with a 90° angle head configuration provides all the advantages of high speed machining with the increased flexibility of an angle head.
BENZ Speedtec – High speed spindles: BENZ Jet axial
BENZ Jet – axial design
Pre-machining and finishing, drilling, milling, chamfering
The compact design is engineered to perfectly fit the ATC or tool machine. As with any other standard tool, it is automatically clamped onto the CNC machine’s original spindle.
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