BENZ i.tag – digital nameplate

Full product information available at all times

That black dot with NFC logo on your tool catches your eye and you wonder what it is?

You have discovered BENZ i.tag, the Digital Nameplate! Simply scan the dot (tag) with your smartphone and access your product data anytime and anywhere.

Your benefits at a glance

  • all tool data at a glance  
  • technical data and documents always at hand
  • quick and easy access via smartphone
  • digital document storage
  • sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • information can be shared worldwide via link

How it works

Prepare scan

  • activate NFC connection
  • activate internet connection via WLAN or mobile data
  • install PDF viewer app

1-2 Scan correctly

  • the NFC sensor of your smartphone is usually located around the camera or in the center
  • hold this area to the NFC tag of the tool
  • once the scan is successful, the data and documents automatically open in the browse

3 All at a glance

  • tool data
  • technical data
  • documents (e.g. operating instructions)
  • direct contact to service
  • videos (if available)

4 Download, share, get in touch

  • view, download or share documents; quickly clarify questions with PDF search function
  • share i.tag link with co-workers: Access to all stored data
  • get in a contact with the service (by online-form, directtelephone or e-mail)