Modular quick-change system BENZ CAPTO™

Minimize setup times, increase machining quality

In addition to higher cutting speeds and precision requirements, reducing equipment and machine downtimes is a central theme in production that involves machining. A substantial factor for success is the integration of a modular tool interface.

On the video tutorial you can see step-by-step the tool change on the turret with BENZ Capto™.

System design BENZ CAPTO™

The modular quick change system BENZ CAPTO™ guarantees an extremely compact desgin by being integrated into the spindle. Special clamping kinetics for clamping forces are noticeably above the required range of ISO/DIS 26623-2.

BENZ CAPTO™ can be used for milling, drilling and turning, with up to 100 bar coolant pressure. The system is especially suited for heavy duty milling and machining.

Your benefits with BENZ CAPTO™ at a glance


  • compact design/short implementation
  • special clamping kinetics for clamping forces are noticeably above the required range of ISO/DIS 26623-2
  • pressure of coolant up to 100 bar
  • ideal for heavy milling


  • stability and rigidity with high flexibility at the same time
  • compact shape guarantees high cutting speeds and surface quality


  • fast tool change with additional locking mechanism (ratcheted)
  • optically visible clamping position 100°
  • starting torque: 50 Nm (C4)


  • from 75 degrees onwards the clamping process is already so secure that the tool can be used in production
  • visual markings > correct clamping of the tool is easily seen
  • additional safety function > prevents uncontrolled falling out of the tool holder
Is BENZ CAPTO™ the right solution for optimizing your production processes?

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