Material + Material = Composite

Introducing new materials into your production: composites – a combination of at least two different basic materials.

But nothing changes for your production process. You can machine composites very easily with your current CNC woodworking units.

Individually shaped. Outstanding. Still functional.

Individually shaped. Far from standard. Outstanding. Something different. And at the same time still functional. That's what your customer wants.

Not only because the guests will compliment your customer for the modern kitchen, but especially if he/she accidentally slams a sharp knife on the Corian® countertop – and nothing happens.

Suitable products

BENZ DUO Double sided angle head / Classic Line
Classic Line
Double sided angle head
Two horizontal tool holder for vertical sawing as well as horizontal drilling and milling (e.g. drilling anchor holes, milling pockets, formatting of panels).
BENZ FLOATING V Trimming unit vertical / Classic Line
Classic Line
Floating trimming unit vertical
Vertical floating for consistent milling depths despite varying thickness of the workpiece. Integrated chip conveyor for more cleanliness on the workpiece surface.
BENZ FLOATING VC Trimming unit vertical compact / Classic Line
Classic Line
Floating trimming unit vertical
Small and fast: floated milling or engraving with up to 24,000 revolutions. Integrated chip removal for more cleanliness on the workpiece surface.
BENZ FLOATING HS Trimming unit horizontal / Classic Line
Classic Line
Floating trimming unit horizontal
Vertical floating for consistent machining depth despite variations in the thickness of the workpiece.
BENZ SIMOLO Orbital sanding unit / Classic Line
Classic Line
Orbital sanding unit
Grinding of flat, concave and convex surfaces (e.g. chair backs, chamfers).
Machining of composites – more products

In addition to the products shown here, we offer a variety of other useful angle heads to assist you in machining composite materials.