Surface processing with your CNC machine

You've surely had this experience. You run your fingers across a piece of furniture to get a sense of its haptics. One surface finish feels rough, another soft and smooth. When designing a new piece of furniture, you can already imagine its surface finish with your inner eye: A solid wood bed with an easy-grip surface, or a child's chair made of very fine, sanded wood.

Machining of surfaces in detail

The one thing responsible for this individual look and feel is the perfect surface. And BENZ units ensure that you can transfer this look and feel from your CNC machine to your workpiece: for sanding, brushing and polishing – for any shape and surface.

Suitable products

BENZ MOULDER Moulder head/ Premium Line
Premium Line
Moulder head
Heavy duty moulding, profiling applications and brushing. The aggregate can be equipped with saw blade packages or profile cutters (e.g. for structuring surfaces or machining acoustic panels).
BENZ SIMOLO Orbital sanding unit / Classic Line
Classic Line
Orbital sanding unit
Grinding of flat, concave and convex surfaces (e.g. chair backs, chamfers).
BENZ COLLEVO PLUS Belt sanding unit / Classic Line
Classic Line
Belt sanding unit
Grinding of flat, concave and convex edges (e.g. on table tops, stair treads and stair stringers).
BENZ ZUCCO Vibrating sanding unit / Classic Line
Classic Line
Vibrating sanding unit
Fine grinding of flat surfaces. Sanding of fillings to the corners (eg, country house doors).
Processing of surfaces – more products

In addition to the products shown here, we offer a variety of other useful angle heads to assist you in your surface treatment.