We for you – volunteering together

The idea

"We have it a lot better than many others." This sentence stands as a symbol for the establishment of the project 'We for you'. Members of the Club 82 visited the food bank in Lahr, Germany, in the Black Forest, and were shocked at how many single parents, seniors etc. were dependent on external help. Quickly the decision stood "We want to and we will help."

People with disabilities help non-disabled persons

A topsy-turvy world? Not at all!

The time for founding the project could not have been better. BENZ Tooling was looking for a permanent partner for a social project in the Kinzigtal.

The concept of the BENZians was convincing: disabled and non-disabled people working together for others.

The project "We for you" was born.

The vision

Together we make a difference:  that is the motto. People with and without impairments volunteer for social institutions, projects and people in need in the Kinzigtal. Because volunteering does not necessarily have anything to do with one's own condition, but with the will to make a difference and help others.

At the same time, it becomes clear that impaired people are not seen as people in need of help, but as full members of our society who lend a hand and are committed to their goals and their fellow human beings.

BENZ employees regularly participate in social activities. In this way, the "we-feeling" is strengthened even further and people do good together'.

Who benefits from the project?

We for you” supports charitable organizations such a food banks or second-hand clothing stores, the Ortenau Children's hospice or the residents of the refugee camp. The projects are redefined on an annual basis, and the company tries to support as many different projects as possible. The environment also benefits, for example from projects with a recycling background such as clothing drives.</p>


"We for you" – our activities

Spring cleaning in the Hornberg food bank

In 2024, the "We for you" team helped again with the spring cleaning at the Hornberg food bank and directly restocked the shelves with hygiene product donations.

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Gifts for the needy and financial support

The Guglhupf in Offenburg opened for the 5th time on Christmas Eve to bring joy to those in need during the Christmas season.

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Donation dinner for the Caritas Kinzigtal Poverty Week

Caritas' annual charity dinner: the "Wir für Euch" project prepares 220 portions of salad and donates almost 300 muffins.

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Your contact persons at BENZ and at the Club 82

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Dunja Bruckner

+497832 704-8424


Club 82
Beate Schwab

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