Automotive: technical solutions at the highest level

Innovative technologies on the cutting edge of what is possible

For the machining of components in the automotive industry, BENZ Tooling offers technical solutions at the highest level! You benefit from the ambition of our engineering team, because technical innovation is ingrained into our very identity.

We keep in close contact with our customers to ensure that we know today what our customers will need tomorrow. Our product range includes both standard and clever detailed solutions which are designed specifically for individual customer needs.

Example vehicle construction: Engine block machining

Use of BENZ aggregates in the engine block machining of an automotive manufacturer

Case studies of the automotive industry

Brake caliper machining: Bugatti and BENZ Slim-Line

The automobile manufacturer Bugatti, together with its partners BENZ, HAIMER, Bionic Production and Vogt Engineering, implemented an absolutely prestigious project: Together, the companies succeeded in producing an additively manufactured brake caliper for a Bugatti Chiron in series production. It is the largest additively printed titanium component of its kind.

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BENZ Solidfix® modular quick-change system in flexible tool construction of LuK

Typical requirements in any tool shop are a high degree of flexibility with fast response times in single part production. Aspects such as tool variety, set-up times and, of course, precision are especially important here. This is also true at LuK, a product brand of the Schaeffler Group.

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Is BENZ Solidfix® the right solution for optimizing your production processes?

Our goal is to support you in your tasks. Thanks to many years of expertise and the right BENZ aggregates, we are here to help to make your production easier and more efficient.

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