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Diversity and precision

We offer a wide range of products used in all major metalworking and composite machining industries.

Whether used for high-precision work in the medical technology, engine block machining in the automotive industry, drilling in airplane engines or with limited space: there is the perfect BENZ tool for every industry and every application.

We make it happen

Our industry examples give you an idea of what's possible.

Automotive: technical solutions at the highest level

For the machining of components in the automotive industry, BENZ Tooling offers technical solutions at the highest level! You benefit from the ambition of our engineering team, because technical innovation is ingrained into our very identity.

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Electric mobility: Driving the future

Electric mobility is the industry of the future and is enjoying high growth rates. This is because electric mobility combines sustainability aspects with the need for mobility. BENZ Tooling has been a pioneer in the implementation of machining tasks for the entire e-mobility industry for many years.

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Soaring flights in aerospace technology

The aerospace industry demands extreme precision and reliability from technology and materials. In aircraft construction and in the production of aerospace components, there is one crucial thing above all: lightness. For this reason, aluminum is used particularly frequently in this industry.

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Wind power for environmental contribution

Wind turbines have to meet extraordinary requirements in terms of statics and durability of the individual components. Despite their robust construction, the manufacture of wind turbines is also real precision work. With BENZ aggregates you are right.

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Time advantages in modern machine construction

A machine is made up of various machine elements such as gear wheels, roller bearings or crankshafts. These metal parts are produced and processed at the highest level of precision by BENZ units.

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Perfectly shaped lightweights

The primary factor in lightweight construction: Maintaining the lowest possible weight without sacrificing high stability. This is achieved by using intricately shaped components such as honeycomb structures. BENZ aggregates are specialized to precise processing of complex shapes – just right for the lightweight construction industry.

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CNC units for medical technology

Precision is our motto and our daily business. The future of medical technology is facing new standards and an unprecedented demand for precision. As a supplier for production companies specialized in medical technology, we face this tasks over and over again – and always with pleasure.

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