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The perfect result, economical and efficient

As a manufacturer, it is important to you not only to meet your clientele's expectations, but to exceed them. To ensure that the machining of workpieces not only leads to the perfect result, but also takes place economically and efficiently, trust BENZ aggregates for your CNC machine.

We make things happen. Our application examples will give you a first idea of the possibilities.

You do not spot your area or use case?

Do not hesitate to challenge us!

We are sure to find the right solution for your production in cooperation with you.

Application examples

Move up in your staircase construction

The staircase seems to rise effortlessly to the top, yet numerous steps and demanding work are needed to arrive at this point. With BENZ products, the complete machining of individual components is possible in only one clamping.

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Bright spots in window machining

We help you make your windows true bright spots, with a broad perspective: from economical milling of frame profiles to cutting slots for butt hinges and drilling holes for fittings.

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New perspectives in door manufacturing

Large-scale production but also individually designed doors, special sizes, very small series – this is today's reality. For you as a door manufacturer that means flexible and economical machining, covering an ever growing diversity of designs and materials.

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Clean cuts in kitchen manufacturing

Kitchens are individually designed works of art – just as individual as their owners. The demands placed on this living space are correspondingly varied and high. With BENZ units, you produce high quality and fulfill the kitchen dreams of your clientele in the long term.

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Furniture production: each piece with its own character

Furniture gives rooms character combining a feel-good atmosphere with storage space. Cleverly used, a small, nested floor plan becomes a true spatial wonder. As a carpenter, you know the individual needs of your customers best and we help you to fulfill them.

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Surface finishing: individual look and feel

The perfect sanding pattern creates the finish of a workpiece. BENZ units can be used for grinding and brushing all shapes and surfaces. And all this on your CNC machine without any extra work by hand or on other machines.

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An easy one: solid woodworking

Millimetres matter: Timber framing requires dimensionally accurate marking, machining and finally fitting together of the individual parts to form a complete structure. Therefore, you can rely on the precise tools from BENZ tooling.

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Ready to go with CLAMEX and TENSO

No more time-consuming and complicated gluing or screws! The way of the future is "insert and it's ready". Thanks to the CLAMEX removable connectors furniture can even be easily dismantled and reassembled.

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Ready to go with CABINEO connectors

We have developed the MULTI V3 CABINEO multi-spindle head especially for drilling the pockets for the Cabineo connector system from Lamello. Save time in production, transport and assembly.

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New directions: composite machining

Introducing new materials into your production: composites – a combination of at least two different basic materials. You can machine composites very easily with your current CNC woodworking units.

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