The nuts and bolts of kitchen production

Kitchens are individually designed works of art – just as individual as the people who live in them. This is where people cook, meet and chat over the years. The demands on this living space are correspondingly high and varied.

And the wishes of your customers are also versatile. With BENZ units, you produce in high quality and fulfill kitchen dreams even in the long term.

Individual, precise fit, cleanly processed

Precise cutting and clean processing are indispensable quality features for your kitchens and your customers.

The production of a worktop – similar in function, but always different and special – shows exemplarily the versatility of the processing possibilities with BENZ aggregates. From cutting panels to size to grinding chamfers to milling recesses or panel joints - with BENZ products you make the right choice.

Suitable products

BENZ MONO R Angle head with reduced rotational speed / Classic Line
Classic Line
Single sided angle head at reduced speed
Reduced speed for the use of large saw blades. Horizontal spindle output for vertical sawing (e.g. formatting panels), vertical milling (e.g. back panel grooves).
BENZ SUBIO Under surface unit / Classic Line
Classic Line
Undersurface unit
Enables machining on the underside of the workpiece (e.g. connector pockets on kitchen countertops).
BENZ FLOATING V Trimming unit vertical / Classic Line
Classic Line
Floating trimming unit vertical
Vertical floating for consistent milling depths despite varying thickness of the workpiece. Integrated chip conveyor for more cleanliness on the workpiece surface.
BENZ SIMOLO Orbital sanding unit / Classic Line
Classic Line
Orbital sanding unit
Grinding of flat, concave and convex surfaces (e.g. chair backs, chamfers).
BENZ SOFFIARO Blow nozzle unit / Classic Line
Classic Line
Blow nozzle unit
Efficient cleaning of the machining surface with up to four individually connectable blowing nozzles, for particularly economical and effective use of compressed air. Optionally with hydraulic chuck.
Manufacturing of kitchens – more products

In addition to the products shown here, we offer a variety of other useful angle heads to assist you in your kitchen production.