Modular qick change ystem BENZ Solidfix®

Modular fast exchange systems

For fast tool exchange < 20 seconds with compact construction and high precision

In addition to higher cutting speeds and precision requirements, reducing equipment and machine downtimes is a central theme in production that involves machining. A substantial factor for success is the integration of a modular tool interface.

The basic principle and the key advantage of modular tool system comes from the fact that the tool adapters can be preset and made ready for use outside the machine while the machining process is in progress. These adapters can be very quickly exchanged on the basic unit. As the user, you increase the time your machine is operating and add value to your products, all while saving costs at the same time. Thanks to the modular design, only the adapters are exchanged; the basic tool stays on the machine. This helps reduce the purchase of additional units to a minimum.


  • Modular design thanks to base unit and interchangeable inserts with various tool holders
  • Minimization of set-up times and non-productive times / increase in productivity by changing the preset tool in seconds
  • Lower investment cost since fewer base units are needed overall because the base unit stays on the machine and only an adapter change is necessary
  • Simple handling thanks to easy operation without special tools
  • Operator safety thanks to fail-safe protection

BENZ Solidfix® system design

The combination of tailstock centering that is free of play with an extremely large planar support, in conjunction with high clamping forces, enables BENZ Solidfix® to offer maximum tilt resistance and stability, which fulfills the requirements of milling. The high torque transfer and the high potential speeds also characterize the performance capability. This is supported by a special clamping mechanism, which operates centrally, without lateral forces, and works together with the high-precision and compact components to achieve top values for concentricity, flexural strength and repeatability.