More flexible and varied than with a brush machine

Realized benefits

  • less investments for a unit than investing in a brushing machine
  • more flexibílity thanks to different sanding or structuring brush attachments
  • wide variety of variants
  • optimal results through variation in machining: feed, contact pressure or speed

Hoffmann Ladenbau relies on CNC unit from BENZ

The Hoffmann Group, with its two branches Hoffmann Ladenbau and Hoffmann Interieur, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of modern shop fittings and interior fittings. In the production of its high-quality products, Hoffmann benefits on the one hand from the technical know-how of the almost 140 employees, on the other hand from the modern, order-oriented production.

Here, among other things, five Homag CNC machines are used in multiple shifts to process a wide variety of materials. The performance of the machines is further enhanced by the use of BENZ units. The units show their strengths particularly in terms of process reliability.

"Delivery dates dictate our rhythm of life, so we don't need any additional question marks in terms of technology," says Rolf Stratmann, responsible for production at Hoffmann, right at the beginning of the conversation, making it clear what is important to him: safety and reliability in production . After all, in addition to the best possible quality and maximum profitability, the customer also expects absolute adherence to deadlines. “Performance in all dimensions” is therefore the company's motto. That is why Hoffmann also relies on stable, long-term relationships with its suppliers. 

BENZ MOULDER Moulder head/ Premium Line
Premium Line
Moulder head
Heavy duty moulding, profiling applications and brushing. The aggregate can be equipped with saw blade packages or profile cutters (e.g. for structuring surfaces or machining acoustic panels).

“What I particularly appreciate about our component supplier BENZ is the open interaction with one another. We have the same goal: to move forward and be innovative – for the benefit of the customer.”

Rolf Stratmann, Betriebsingenieur, Hoffmann Ladenbau 

Simple and precise handling for exact results

It is therefore not surprising that Hoffmann was one of the first customers to use the FLEX D Premium Line swivel unit with oil bath lubrication. Dimensional accuracy is also becoming more and more important in woodworking. The demands are increasing, new materials are increasing. 

“That is why we use the swivel head with digital angle display to saw miter plates. By looking at the digital display, I immediately know that the processing is correct. I like to compare that to the speedometer in the car. There you don't stick your thumb out of the window to measure the speed, but rely on the technology.”

To ensure that the angle setting can be done comfortably and quickly, the unit has a highly geared and backlash-free setting gear. Axis angles from -15 ° to + 102 ° can be achieved in this way.

Depending on the application, the angle can then be set flexibly. The swivel unit has contributed to improving our process reliability. The digital display makes it easier to set the desired angle. The complete set-up process became much easier and faster. The oil bath lubrication ensures that the gear parts are optimally lubricated and that maximum cutting performance can be achieved under demanding requirements. 

“This unit is absolutely dust-tight. With high levels of fine dust formation, especially when materials with high organic proportions are machined, this is essential for the service life of the units.”

Hansjörg Nopper, Application technology, BENZ Tooling


A wealth of variants thanks to the BENZ MOULDER head

For brushing, e.g. brushed furniture fronts, Hoffmann relies on a MOULDER head unit with grinding or structuring brushes instead of a conventional brushing machine. "Brushing machines are very expensive to buy compared to a unit that can be used on an existing CNC machine," Rolf Stratmann explains the shopfitting specialist's decision. “In addition, we are much more flexible with the unit and the corresponding brushes and can implement different variants. We therefore vary the processing in terms of feed, contact pressure or speed and thus obtain optimal results for us. With a brush machine, on the other hand, this flexibility in processing is not available. ” 

Another plus for the user is the close cooperation between BENZ and the brush manufacturer. "You don't change a lived partnership if you work together well", Rolf Stratmann sums up the longstanding relationship with his suppliers.

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