Mortising of deep and flat slots with BENZ CATENO F

Fittings: the more inconspicuous and space-saving, the better

The complete integration of fittings into a piece of furniture confronts your production with new challenges. Very deep cut-outs, with very thin panels at the same time, require a high degree of accuracy and stability.

The solution: BENZ CATENO F mortising chain unit

In addition, optimize your manufacturing process and save time as the cutouts can be easily produced on your existing CNC machine.

BENZ CATENO-F Mortising chain unit / Classic Line
Classic Line
Mortising chain unit
Mortising of very deep and flat pockets with automatic chain tensioning during the machining process. No chain lubrication required.
Are you also facing a special challenge?

We are happy to assist you with advice on the new mortising chain unit or other products for woodworking. We are sure to find the right solution for your production.

Further information

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