Drilling or milling connector systems: CNC tool alternatives
BENZ Tooling solutions for the machine insertion of connector systems

Released on 4/19/21

No more time-consuming and complicated gluing or screws! The way of the future is "insert and it's ready". Since the furniture fittings for assembling workpieces have been on the market, their triumphant advance among carpenters has continued. The advantages for the user are obvious: a high-quality, elegant and versatile solution you can use flexibly for many different applications, all with enormous savings in time compared to conventional methods. Because connection systems simplify the assembly and transport of furniture considerably.

For large connector quantities, companies no longer rely on manual production, but instead integrate the milling or drilling of the connector pockets into the CNC machining process. This makes processing even faster, more precise and more economical. Suitable tool solutions are required - the connector between the CNC machining center and the connecting system, so to speak.

CNC units for the Lamello P-System
In comparison to conventional gluing or sticking together, the connectors of the P-System fittings are only pushed into the pre-milled groove. To prepare the groove, a special groove cutter is immersed in the maximum depth and then moved to the side. The machining of the grooves for the Lamello Clamex P-connector is possible with almost every standard unit from BENZ Tooling. Whether in the middle of the panel or on the edge and whatever the angle, the BENZ product range offers the right solution to deliver a perfect result even in tight spaces.

For the special challenges of vertical profile slot milling on the edge of the workpiece or in the middle BENZ Tooling has developed the floating trimming unit FLOATING H Tenso. With the self-clamping connector Tenso P, the groove depth plays a decisive role: it has to be exactly right in order to give the connector the ideal clamping force. To ensure that this is also guaranteed in the case of uneven panels or slight clamping inaccuracies, the tried-and-tested horizontal floating trimming unit has been slightly adapted. The specially manufactured tracer senses the surface before the side milling cutter sets the groove at the exact depth to the traced surface.

Elaborate steps, such as the production of test parts or even setting the grooves with the hand milling machine, are no longer necessary.

Drilling with one stroke
The multi-spindle head MULTI V3 Cabineo was specially developed for drilling the contour for the Cabineo connector system from Lamello. The pocket is inserted in one stroke using a "3-in-1" drill, which reduces the machining time on the CNC machine: drilling three holes in a row becomes one single step instead. The user saves time and money right from the first use. Since all processing steps from cutting to inserting the connector pockets take place on the CNC machine, the production process and logistics are optimized.