Industrie 4.0 BENZ Applikation BENZ

BENZ collects your processing data and gives you important information about the condition of your aggregate. From now on, you can monitor the use of your aggregate and thus counteract unwanted production downtimes. The operating hours counter makes the service intervals transparent and therefore easier for you to plan.

In addition, BENZ gives you access to the cloud, where a lot of useful information about your aggregate is made available. In addition, BENZ is integrated into the tapio service board, which gives you additional advantages in case of service: quick notification of a service incident, video diagnosis, etc.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Monitoring the status of your aggregates
  • Less downtimes of your machine
  • Transparent service intervals
  • Saving costs due to condition-based maintenance
  • Access to cloud with lots of documents and useful information
  • Remote maintenance via tapio service board

product view

Overview of tool data with preview image and scanned measured values.

tool data

monitoring display


Drawings, instructions etc. for download