About the project 'We for you'
BENZ Tooling Projekt Wir für euch

An afternoon of games

'We for you' organizes an afternoon full of games for the refugee children in Haslach.

The idea

"We have it a lot better than many others." This sentence stands as a symbol for the establishment of the project 'We for you'. Members of the Club 82 visited the food bank in Lahr, Germany, in the Black Forest, and were shocked at how many

single parents, seniors etc. were dependent on external help. They decided to lend a hand. Folks with disabilities helping those without disabilities. A topsy-turvy world? Not at all!

The call for proposals from BENZ GmbH Werkzeugsysteme came just at the right time. The company's management and employees were looking for a solid partner for a permanent charitable project. They applied and won BENZ management over with the concept of bringing disabled and non-disabled people together to volunteer.

The vision:

Folks with and without impairments engage with each other together in volunteer work for social institutions, projects and people in need in the Haslach area of Kinzigtal, Germany. The motto: Together we make a difference. Next to the charitable component, environmental protection also plays a role (e.g. collecting and passing on second-hand clothing).

With this project, we would like to show that—no matter if a person is disabled or not—everyone can do something for their fellow people, the environment, etc. Volunteering

Social activism isn't necessarily dependent on a person's own physical condition, but rather with the will to make a difference and to help others. Through this project, persons with disabilities will no longer be seen as "people in need", but rather as full-fledged members of our society who are willing to lend a hand in their ambitions and to their fellow human beings. The BENZ employees are involved in these activities on a voluntary basis. The objective is to build up the "sense of unity" even further, while helping others out at the same time.

Who benefits from the project?

Charitable organizations such a food banks or second-hand clothing stores, the Ortenau Children's hospice or the residents of the refugee camp. The projects are redefined on an annual basis, and the company tries to support as many different projects as possible. Projects that involve recycling (clothing drives) are also good for the environment.

Contact at BENZ and Club 82

BENZ GmbH Werkzeugsysteme

Nadine Uhl
Phone: +49 7832 704-8840
Email: nadine.uhl@benz-tools.de

Club 82

Beate Schwab
Phone: +49 7832 9956-16
Email beate.schwab@club82.de