Preventive maintenance for BENZ units of the tooling and machining technology
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The preventive approach:

Regular maintenance of units

Reduce downtimes. Increase runtimes.

Reduce downtimes. Increase runtimes: One simple way to reduce unplanned downtimes in your production is by regularly checking the units you use.
This is the only way to ensure a product is still being used in flawless condition. As part of preventive maintenance, we replace wear parts. You unit will
thank you for it with longer runtimes.

So why not make use of your next shutdown or machine overhaul for maintenance on your units as well?

Your advantages

  • Preventively reduce unplanned downtimes
  • Increase the unit‘s lifetime
  • Maintenance of a perfect product condition / General overhaul
  • Can be done during a shutdown

To order preventive maintenance please follow these steps:

  1. Package the unit safely and securely
  2. Print out the repair slip (pdf), fill it in and enclose it with your shipment
  3. Please address the package as indicated on the repair slip

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