Machinery construction: Units for CNC machines from BENZ

A machine is made up of a wide array of machine elements, such as gears, roller bearings or crankshafts. These metal parts are produced and processed at the highest level of precision by BENZ units.

Success story: Save time with a combination solution

The combination of a milling angle head and quick-change system results in time savings of 1.5 hours per side.

TOX PRESSOTECHNIK specializes in special solutions in the areas of plate connection, drives and presses. Important core component parts produced in-house include the brackets for machine frames. The machine frame brackets are produced at TOX on a DMC 100 U Duoblock from Deckel Maho. Processing a single bracket on the milling machine lasts about six to eight hours. Each week, about 20 of these raw parts are produced. The shape of each individual bracket varies greatly here.

Improved processing sequence with the BENZ solution
While holes were previously bored with a milling angle head without three-point support, TOX PRESSOTECHNIK now uses an angle head from BENZ with three-point support and the BENZ Solidfix® modular quick-change system, which makes it possible to save 1.5 hours of processing time per bracket. The production capacities that were freed up increased production quantities of brackets by three to five brackets per week, depending on the type. The BENZ angle heads are suitable for all hard-to-reach places—typically on components with a C-shape—that have to be processed on the inside. Combined with the BENZ Solidfix®, there are enormous advantages for the user, and not just in serial production. During long processing phases in single part production, the tool on the angle head can be swapped in and out while still in the machine. The tool exchange is done purely by exchanging the Solidfix® adapter, including the pre-set tool. This way, the customer can save the expense of multiple different angle heads. “In total, we have 20 modular holders in use on the DMC 100 U Duoblock with a wide range of tools distributed across two angle heads,” explains Christian Forster, Head of Mechanical Production at TOX PRESSOTECHNIK.