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With machining units for the automobile industry from BENZ Werkzeugsysteme, you get technical solutions of the highest quality! We make full use of innovative technologies, always on the cutting edge of what is currently possible. And we keep in close contact with our customers to ensure that we know today what our customers will need tomorrow. Technical progress is ingrained into our very identity, which means you can always find smart, detailed solutions in our product range. These solutions are not an end in themselves; rather, in our eyes, they are only useful insofar as they support our customers in their tasks—including helping to design production more simply and efficiently!

Example: Engine block machining in the automobile industry

Success story: BENZ Solidfix® modular quick-change system
in flexible tool construction for LuK

Upon acquiring three new Gildemeister turning centers for their tool shop, LuK also decided on the new BENZ Solidfix® modular quick-change system. Production management at LuK found several reasons in its favor, such as the compact design, precision, high degree of flexibility thanks to a range of adapters and fast and safe tool exchange with the shortest set-up times.

A high degree of flexibility with fast response times
Typical requirements in any tool shop are a high degree of flexibility with fast response times in single part production. Aspects such as tool variety, set-up times and, of course, precision are especially important here. This is also true at LuK, a product brand of the Schaeffler Group.

Headquartered in Bühl, Germany on the edge of the Black Forest, the company is a globally renowned manufacturer of couplings and gears for the automobile industry and has around 260 employees in the tool shop at the Bühl and Kappelrodeck locations. Clamping and forming tools as well as device parts, i.e. manufacturing equipment, are primarily manufactured here, predominantly in make-to-order production. In order to adequately meet increasing requirements as a result of greater capacity, three new CTX beta 500 Gildemeister turning centers were purchased. Equipped with a 12-compartment servo revolver for powered tools, the machines also enable drilling and milling operations, eliminating the need to reclamp workpieces in other machines for these work processes.

Solution BENZ Solidfix® modular quick-change system
In order to also save set-up times during the relatively frequent tool exchange, LuK has equipped the new machines with a tool quick-change system. Different systems on the market were analyzed at length by the technology department, with the goal of finding the best possible solution. What was especially impressive about the new BENZ Solidfix® modular quick-change system was the extra compact design. It lends the system a high level of stability, which is ultimately also reflected in the processing accuracy. Furthermore, the small design saves space in the working area.

One special advantage of the system is the variety of tool adapters for all common tool holders. It makes it possible to use a nearly unlimited range of tools. In addition to that, LuK praised the operating comfort in particular. Tool adapters can be changed without special tools. And since this can be done within the machine in just a few seconds, set-up times are reduced considerably, which the production management in the LuK tool shop can confirm. What's more, thanks to the use of the BENZ Solidfix® modular quick-change system, the tool exchange can be pre-set, which also reduces set-up times.