Sectors for wood and metal processing for CNC units

BENZ solutions are applied in every sector.

BENZ solutions are applied in every sector, whether for engine block machining in the automobile industry, bore holes in airplane engines or in furniture manufacturing. Machining solutions from BENZ for the woodworking, composite material and metalworking industries provide you with technical solutions of the highest quality for any industrial sector!


With machining units for the automobile industry from BENZ, you get technical solutions of the highest quality!

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Aviation and aerospace

In order to make a plane safe as a means of transport, BENZ offers different solutions for the aviation and aerospace industry for...

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Wind power

Wind energy or wind power uses the power of the wind for renewable energy production. BENZ offers the right solution for any kind of...

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Machinery construction

BENZ provides support to the construction of machinery in a variety of ways: Machine elements such as gears, roller bearings or crankshafts...

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Medical technology

Precision is our day-to-day business—a demanding task which we live up to in the production of CNC units for medical technology.

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Home construction

There are many facets to home construction. Whether the construction of stairs, doors or beams, BENZ has the right unit for you.

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Furniture construction

Whether for chairs, tables, cabinets or beds, BENZ is a leader in furniture construction. We supply the right units for nearly any...

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Plastic is a very versatile material with differing properties. BENZ offers you just as many different solutions for processing.

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Lightweight construction

The primary factor in lightweight construction: Maintaining the lowest possible weight without sacrificing high stability. BENZ is an...

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Electric mobility

The number of electric cars has more than doubled in the last 2 years. As a result, electric mobility requires new parts and processing...

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