BENZ Hybrix

BENZ Hybrix is an innovative tool changing system which is directly coupled to a high frequency spindle.

Tool in swivel position

Tool in swivel position


  • Highest rigidity due to direct coupling spindle to tool changer
  • Economical, energy-efficient system due to the use of only one motor spindle
  • Space-saving machine concept
  • Highest precision due to fine positioning of the tool holder by the motor spindle
  • Very short tool change times
  • Process optimization through a high degree of automation
  • Less mass to be moved on each stroke
  • Cost savings as no separate tool changer is necessary
  • High speeds for a perfect machining result
  • High torque due to maximum motor length
  • Easy servicing due to modular design
  • Customer-specific adaptions possible

How it works


The technology is suitable for all machine types. Versions in star (single row, multi-row) and crown design are possible.

BENZ Hybrix C-1

Crown-shaped tool carrier system with automatic tool change for geometrically favourable collision areas.

BENZ Hybrix S-1

Single-row, star-shaped tool carrier system with automatic tool change.

BENZ Hybrix S-2 / S-4

Two- or four-row star-shaped tool carrier system with automatic tool change and 2 or 4 motor spindles.

Further configuration parameters

  • Power throghput / Forces and moments
  • Number of spindle rows
  • Number of tool places
  • In addition for the single-row star and crown design: linear stroke (magazine or motor spindle), tool clamping (direct or indirect)

Comparison of variants