High-speed spindle: High Speed for your tooling machines

Coolant Driven High Speed Spindle

All versions of BENZ Jet use the same HPC- spindle technology, which is provided by Colibri spindles.

Partnerschaft BENZ - Colibri

The High Pressure Coolant model uses the machine’s own high pressure coolant supply to drive the tool. Ideal for machines with high pressure capability for better machining results, longer tool life and increased efficiency. Technology that can help cut machining time up to 70%.

The HSM Jet Spindle is quickly prepared for operation using a standard tool holder with a collet chuck. Cutting tools are clamped with an ER11 spring collet.


  • The HPC Jet Spindle is ideal for finishing and semi-finishing applications using small diameter cutting tools; milling, drilling, chamfering, grinding and more.
  • Plug & Play convenience - no wires or pre-installation enabling stressfree machining without the need for operator intervention.
  • Real-time wireless RPM monitoring, shown on an external display


BENZ is presenting the coolant driven HPC- spindle in combination with a 90° angle head configuration, providing all the advantages of high speed machining and the increased flexibility of an angle head:

  • Greater accessibility in hard to reach places
  • Added capabilities for three-axis machines
  • The Jet Spindle's high rigidity and low run-out

In addition, an angle head configuration significantly cuts production time by enabling both horizontal and angular milling and drilling with no need to reposition the work piece.



BENZ Jet Angle Head without torque arm BENZ Jet Angle Head with standard torque arm
  • Quick installation
  • Accuracy depending on taper
  • No Stop-block required
  • maximum accuracy
  • Stop-block required


The compact design is engineered to perfectly fit the ATC or tool machine, and as with any other standard tool, is automatically clamped onto the CNC machine’s original spindle.



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Mechanical High Speed Spindle

High-speed spindles are used where the rotational speeds of a machine tool and the resulting cutting speeds are insufficient for a machining process, which is often the case for older models.

The 1:5 ratio of the BENZ high-speed spindle and the maximum speed of 40,000 rpm do more than reduce machining time—they specifically help prolong the life of the machine's main spindles. The high-speed spindle is equipped with jacket cooling as standard; it can optionally be operated with an internal coolant supply of up to 100 bar. The special bearings and sealing technology of the high-speed spindle ensure low heat generation. This guarantees dimensional accuracy for longer machining cycles. The high running smoothness and concentricity in combination with maximum spindle rigidity and low heat generation guarantee a wide range of applications for drilling and light milling operations.