Angle head Slim WGX-S

Angle head for machining for extreme spatial constraint / maximum useable tool length
Optional: with external coolant (EC)

Special Output spindles (not configurable):

*1: 4 DIN 6043E
*2: 6 DIN E603E-3
*3: 4 DIN 1835E
*4: 6 DIN 1835E
*5: 4 Special
*6: 5 Special

All data for the specification of torque and speed refer to the output spindle.


Change the unitMachiningNumber of output spindlesAxis angleCoolant feed for cutting edge
DrillingMillingTappingBENZ GmbH Werkzeugsysteme one output spindle icon90°No coolantExternal coolant
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Angle head Slim WGX-S
Angle head 90° - extremely narrow design

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