BENZ Industry 4.0 BENZ application

Combining the wireless technologies NFC and Bluetooth LE enables you to do things such as transfer the operating states to your smartphone as raw data. The app scans, stores and processes this data. From now on you can monitor your unit to make sure it is running properly and without errors and, if necessary, take action to prevent defective production. The service life of your tool can be extended by the transparent tool monitoring system and the recommended service intervals. The BENZ Cloud solution gives you access not only to the data you yourself have scanned, but also to all data saved in the cloud for your unit. Once the product is installed on your terminal device, it synchronizes the data for each further scan.


  • Continuous monitoring of your production
  • Transparent service intervals
  • Prevention of unwanted production downtime
  • Extension of your unit's service life
  • Increased reliability of your production
  • Tools that are more efficient and use fewer resources
  • Units are ready to be used for Industrie 4.0

product view

Overview of tool data with preview image and scanned measured values.

tool data

monitoring display


Drawings, instructions etc. for download