Multi-spindle heads, drilling units & drilling heads from BENZ

Stationary multi-spindle head for machining metal

Bring together similar or diverse machining operations to reduce operating times (usually involves multi-spindle heads). The potential applications are virtually limitless: Drilling, threading, counterboring, reaming, milling, etc. The variety of products is equally diverse, from small compact heads with two spindles to multi-spindle XXL units. BENZ offers interchangeable and fixed-flange (stationary) multi-spindle heads in a wide range of configurations. Multi-spindle heads are typically used for mid-size to large-scale series production. We work in close coordination with you, the customer, to find the perfect solution for your application. Using proven standard components as a basis, we create the optimal multi-spindle solution for you. We maintain close contact with leading machine building companies, giving us the necessary expertise to develop the extraordinary. Give us a challenge!

Examples of stationary multi-spindle heads