Springtime activities for the Hornberg food bank

The members of Club 82 from Haslach can and want to lend a hand—as well as employees of the Haslach company BENZ, which has initiated a special project. On that Wednesday, everyone helped with a cleaning job at the Hornberg food bank.

Joy was evident on Henriette Haas’ face yesterday. Haas is head of the Hornberg Worker's Welfare Association (AWO). Not only because she was able to count on the energetic help of hard-working employees who had voluntarily signed up for cleaning, but because the "leprechauns" from Haslach also had a donation to give, from shower gel, to wickedly expensive perfume, all the way to hair coloring products.

Henriette Haas was of course very happy that the cleaning activity at the Hornberg food bank was the first annual cleaning job, with more to come. Although, for example, the food bank is cleaned after each day is finished, larger operations are necessary every year. "We do not want to overwork our helpers, who are performing a service here. That's why the joy of such an offer was so great," the chairperson said.
Removing and wiping the shelves, and checking all products for their best-by date—no effort was too much for the dedicated team. In the meantime, Jessica Rohde, the heart and soul of the AWO clothing store, and a loyal helper for a long time, went to work on this separate room next to the food bank, armed with cleaning rags and a buckets.

"A great idea. We are very thankful to the BENZ company", said Beate Schwab from Club 82, who supervised this special project. In addition, this has produced a monthly get-together, during which participants have a say in which project they would like to be involved in. Everyone was impressed with how dauntlessly the young trainees worked, along with the members of Club 82, and how they had fun while doing it. "Such young men cleaning!", Henriette Haas said in awe, about them both. Totally voluntarily, and anyway—for us, cleaning is just something normal", they smirked, without any reservations.

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