Christmas bags for the Hornberg food bank

A wonderful surprise swept over Henriette Haas of the Hornberg food bank. She was able to accept 105 Christmas bags, filled with cuddly toys, juice, Christmas pastries, napkins, candles and chocolate. Currently, Hornberg families with 105 children are allowed to shop through the Hornberg food bank. The food bank store collects food which is considered surplus and discarded, or is close to the best-before date and can therefore no longer be sold. For many with low incomes, local shopping there is of great assistance to help make ends meet. If a person can't afford any luxuries, it's not easy to look forward to Christmas. Thus the Christmas bags were just right and brought a more festive mood to the families. This very special project made this all possible: 'We for you'—becoming involved, with or without disability". This joint project of Club 82 e.V. and BENZ GmbH Werkzeugsysteme from Haslach, Germany has been up and running for a year. The two project managers Nadine Uhl (Benz) and Beate Schwab (Club 82) agree: "The project brings people together who would not otherwise meet. Now, we always look forward to seeing each other again. And the wonderful thing is that we can made a difference together and become involved in a meaningful way. Whether somebody has a disability or not is not important at all." With this spirit, the paper bags were printed colorfully, filled and handed out by members of Club 82 together with BENZ employees. The project team was given support by BENZ colleagues, Club 82 and the German organization for disabled persons (Lebenshilfe) with in-kind and monetary donations. So at the end, it wasn't exactly clear who was happier: the project participants, about the fact that they were able to fill a bag for every child, Mrs. Haas, who handed out Christmas surprises, or the children who received presents.

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