“We for you”: Week of poverty

As part of the multi-year campaign “Poverty threatens everyone", a nationwide action week of the welfare associations took place again this year. The Caritas association Kinzigtal took part in the campaign with a charity meal in favour of the "Caritas relief fund Kinzigtal". With the aid fund, Caritas supports people in the Kinzigtal who are in financial need, e. g. when:

  • a pensioner cannot afford to pay the electricity bill in arrears
  • a mother can no longer work due to prolonged illness
  • a family cannot afford to repair the washing machine

In such cases, Caritas Kinzigtal helps quickly and unbureaucratically.

Caritas Kinzigtal - Wir für euch: Woche der Armut

BENZ also helped and supported Caritas Kinzigtal in its social commitment. For the two benefit meals, BENZ employees together with members of Club 82 took care of the salads. Other employees supported the campaign with muffin donations.