Donation to the Ortenau hospice service for children and adolescents

The Ortenau hospice service for children and adolescents (known as "KiJu" for short) provides support to children who are sick, dying and grieving, as well as to their families. By doing so, this organization, primarily administered by volunteers, makes an important contribution to the littlest members of our society. The children are split into small groups and regularly meet once a month to spend time together. In addition, KiJu organizes wonderful events, such as a day at the horse farm. That enables children to experience something different from their daily routine.

To provide KiJu with financial support, BENZ started hosting a lunch sale in the company’s cafeteria together with Club 82. The proceeds from the food that was sold were donated on Friday, December 15, 2017 on the KiJu premises. Ms. Gareis, Director of the hospice service for children and adolescents, was extremely happy about the volunteer activity and gratefully received the donation, which amounted to 500 euros.


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