Furniture production: each piece with its own character

Space miracle with atmosphere

Furniture does not serve storage only. As special as their owners, they give every room atmosphere and individual character. Skillfully used, a small or nested apartment can become a real space miracle.

As a carpenter, you know best the special needs of your customers and make their furniture fitting their requirements. BENZ aggregates perfectly help you to meet the needs of your customers.

Processing of a piece of furniture

Whether chest of drawers, cabinet, bed, table or shelf: the machining steps in furniture construction are always different and yet the same. Our aggregates are suitable for almost any machining task:

  • sawing of all kinds
  • brushing of surfaces
  • row drilling, e.g. for cabinet production
  • edge processing
  • and many more

Suitable products

BENZ DUO Double sided angle head / Classic Line
Classic Line
Double sided angle head
Two horizontal tool holder for vertical sawing as well as horizontal drilling and milling (e.g. drilling anchor holes, milling pockets, formatting of panels).
BENZ MOULDER Moulder head/ Premium Line
Premium Line
Moulder head
Heavy duty moulding, profiling applications and brushing. The aggregate can be equipped with saw blade packages or profile cutters (e.g. for structuring surfaces or machining acoustic panels).
BENZ FELX D Adjustable angle head / Classic Line
Classic Line
Adjustable angle head with digital display
Drilling, milling and sawing at any angle. The A-axis is manually adjustable from -5° to +100° (e.g. for any and all angled machining).
BENZ FLEX D Adjustable angle head / Premium Line
Premium Line
Adjustable angle head with digital display
Drilling, milling and sawing at any angle. Due to the oil bath lubrication of the Premium Line especially suitable for heavy machining (e.g. processing of very thick materials).
BENZ MULTI V5 Multi spindle head vertical / Classic Line
Classic Line
Multi-spindle head vertical
Save time by drilling multiple holes in one machining step. Also available with 3, 7 or 11 spindles. Ideally suited for vertical row drilling (e.g. shaft beam drilling, shelves, hinges).
BENZ CATENO-F Mortising chain unit / Classic Line
Classic Line
Mortising chain unit
Mortising of very deep and flat pockets with automatic chain tensioning during the machining process. No chain lubrication required.
BENZ SOFFIARO Blow nozzle unit / Classic Line
Classic Line
Blow nozzle unit
Efficient cleaning of the machining surface with up to four individually connectable blowing nozzles, for particularly economical and effective use of compressed air. Optionally with hydraulic chuck.
Furniture production – more products

In addition to the products shown here, we offer a variety of other useful angle heads to assist you in your furniture production.