The industry of the future

Electric mobility is enjoying high growth rates as it combines sustainability aspects with the need for mobility.

In the last decade, the number of electric cars sold worldwide has increased more than tenfold (from 0.8 million units in 2010 to 9.3 million units in 2021 Source: Fraunhofer Battery Update 7.12.22).

A continuing trend that, in addition to the e-mobility industry, is also having a significant impact on many suppliers.

With BENZ Tooling into the future

BENZ Tooling has been a pioneer in the implementation of machining tasks for the entire e-mobility industry for many years. Whether milling of cooling fins or machining of battery trays, we are at your side with our know-how. Benefit from our expertise based on many already implemented, innovative projects of well-known customers.

Machining example: battery housing

Electric cars use a battery as energy storage, which can be recharged as often as required at various electric charging stations or at home.

The large but flat workpieces that are installed in electric cars (e.g. a battery housing) make the use of angle heads indispensable. Processing in the tight areas and limited space conditions of electric cars is our specialty.

You are looking for a machining solution for your production?

Our goal is to support you in your tasks. Thanks to many years of expertise and the right BENZ aggregates, we are here to help to make your production easier and more efficient.

Challenge us – we are sure to find the right solution together with you.