The perfect addition

Do you wish to do horizontal processing around a workpiece without changing the tool, but you don't have a machine with a C-axis? Or maybe individual machine elements must be provided with compressed air, electricity, or another medium? 

BENZ Tooling has a variety of system components that work flawlessly with your existing solution.

5-axis heads

  • NC angle positioning of the A and C-axes for interpolation processes in any desired spatial angle
  • in different sizes and power classes from 9 KW to 20 KW
  • cardanic suspension of the spindle for compact design
  • cartesian arrangement of the spindle with bearings on both sides for the highest stiffness

Pivoting axis

  • compact NC pivoting drive for system components
  • integrated worm gear for drive power
  • high operational smoothness through the use of high-quality cross-roller bearings
  • maintenance-free with permanent oil lubrication
  • features a hollow shaft for optional use of a rotary distributor (attached system components can be supplied with electrical energy or other essential media when used in combination with the rotary distributor)


  • NC angle positioning of exchangeable units by expanding the existing machine basic axes (XYZ) with a 4th axis (C-axis)
  • supply to exchangeable assemblies using 3 independently controlled compressed air interfaces

Rotary distributor

  • provision of system components with a variety of media, i.e. compressed air, electrical power, hydraulic oil, water/cooling water, minimum quantity lubrication, et al.
  • for hollow shafts Ø77 and up
  • up to 8 lines compressed air/fluid
  • up to 24 kW power transmission
  • transmission of up to 24 signals


  • complete Z-axis module of a tool machine
  • includes C-axis and machining unit
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