Static holders are available in various designs for many machine types.

Your advantages

  • High off-the-shelf stock availability and delivery on short notice (for defined devices)
  • Appealing prices, series production
  • Optimized for weight and geometry

Examples of different forms of static holders

BENZ Static holders: square cross holder: right, short, form B1
Static holder
Form B1
Square crosswise holder: Clockwise, short, form B1
BENZ Static holders: boring bar holder IK+EK, form E2
Boring bar holder
Form E2
Boring bar holder: With IC and EC, form E2
BENZ Static holders: collet holder IK+EK, external, DIN6499, form E4
Collet chuck holder
Form E4
Collet chuck holder: With IC+EC, exterior, DIN6499, form E4
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