World of Wood Products

Units for CNC machines

Economically process wood and composites: we provide angle heads and other CNC units for drilling, milling, sawing and other special applications. 

BENZ CNC units are available in different performance classes, making them ideal for everything from light machining to high-performance continuous operation.

BENZ i.tag – Digital Nameplate

With BENZ i.tag your tool always carries all important information with it: tool data, technical data, operating instructions, videos and much more. Simply scan and share – digitally and sustainably.

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BENZ Solidfix®: modular quick-change system

In addition to higher cutting speeds and precision requirements, reducing equipment and machine downtimes is a central theme in production that involves machining. The solution: BENZ Solidfix® for tool changes in less than 20 seconds.

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Composites, plastics and aluminum

All BENZ aggregates are also suitable for machining composite materials, plastics and aluminum. Depending on the nature of the basic material, we will find the right product.

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