BENZ HYBRIX is a rotating tool carrier system (magazine) with a fixed housing. The main components of the magazine are one or more stationary motor spindles with an automatic tool exchange system.

Product features

  • motor spindles as drive unit
  • maximum motor length due to lack of coupling
  • roller bearings in a spring-block design
  • central media feed
  • optional: system control
  • optional: automatic equipment

More than a turret

  1. Magazine function – Rotating cutting
    Tools are taken out of the carrier system. Forces and torques are generated or introduced by the motor spindle.
  2. Turret function – Stationary cutting
    Staying in the carrier system and introducing forces and torques to the system

Your benefits with BENZ HYBRIX

  • higher power density than in a tool turret (~ 30 percent)
  • higher limiting speeds (~ 40 percent)
  • precision and flexibility
  • cost-effective, space-saving, energy efficient
  • less moving mass when rotating
  • fewer roller bearings (no driven tools)
  • pitch errors are irrelevant
  • optional minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) and cooling lubricant (CL) without any restrictions
  • process reliability
  • process optimization thanks to a high degree of automation
  • service-friendly thanks to modular design
  • customer-specific adaptations possible


The technology is suitable for all machine types. Versions in a star (single-row, multi-row) or crown design are possible.

Other configuration parameters

  • performance throughput/forces and torques
  • number of spindle rows
  • number of tool places
  • additionally in the single-row star and crown version: Linear stroke (magazine or motor spindle), tool clamping (direct or indirect)
BENZ Hybrix S-1: Einreihiges, sternförmiges Werkzeugträgersystem mit automatischem Werkzeugwechselsystem
BENZ Hybrix S-1
Application area: lathe and milling centers
Single-row, star-shaped tool carrier system with automatic tool exchange system.
BENZ Hybrix S-2: Zweireihiges, sternförmiges Werkzeugträgersystem mit automatischem Werkzeugwechsel
BENZ Hybrix S-2
Application area: machining centers/transfer lines
Two-row, star-shaped tool carrier system with automatic tool exchange.
: Kronenförmiges Werkzeugträgersystem mit automatischem Werkzeugwechsel für geometrisch günstigere Kollisionsbereiche
BENZ Hybrix C-1
Application area: machining centers/transfer lines
Crown-shaped tool carrier system with automatic tool exchange for more geometrically favorable collision areas
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