BENZ motor spindles: outstanding precision and productivity

Performance and quality

The motor spindle is the heart of every machining center and crucial for the performance of the machine and the quality of the processed workpieces.

Spindles ensure maximum precision and productivity in machine tools.

Compact and powerful motor packages with high-precision bearings are a requirement for high speeds and excellent concentricity values.

Design and benefits

  • high power density
  • high-torque motors
  • play-free bearing
  • manual or automatic tool exchange
  • air or water cooling
  • a variety of tool exchange systems
  • three independently controllable media feeds
  • vibration sensor for process monitoring (standard integrated sensor package for real-time monitoring
  • integrated monitoring of tool clamping
  • maintenance-free

Product overview motor spindles

BENZ Tooling motorspindle: SL-11KH-HSKF63-PN-04
Air cooling / integrated external fan / 380V
Nominal power S1/S6* in kW: 11/13,2 | Nominal speed in rmp: 11850 | Speed max in rpm: 24.000 | Torque S1/S6* in Nm: 8,9/10,7
BENZ Tooling motorspindle: SW-10UN-HSKF63-PN-00
Water cooling / 250V
Nominal power S1/S6* in kW: 24/31,5 | Nominal speed in rpm: 4890 | Speed max in rpm: 20.000 | Torque S1/S6* in Nm: 46,9/61,1
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