Offers for the start of your career

Apprenticeship and dual study program

Nearly graduated from secondary school? With completion of secondary modern school or A level certificate, you can take a step towards your professional future with an apprenticeship or dual study course at BENZ Tooling.

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Internship for pupils

Not quite sure whether your dream job suits you? Then an internship at BENZ Tooling is just the right thing. Besides you get an idea about what it's like to work at BENZ Tooling.

Come and take a look around with us!

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Internship, work-study program, thesis

The university provides the theory, we show how it all works in practice. This not only prepares your career, but also helps you to develop your skills.

Taking on new responsibilities, working with colleagues on future-oriented projects, getting to know processes and structures in an international environment – it's all part of the job.