Three as one: cabinet connections with CABINEO system

The Cabineo connector pocket is inserted in one stroke. That way you reduce the machining time on your CNC machine. Three individual drillings become one work step and you save time and cash from the very first use. Since you manufacture everything on your CNC machine, you also optimize your production processes and logistics.


The right choice: MULTI V3 Cabineo

We have developed the MULTI V3 CABINEO multi-spindle head especially for drilling the pockets for the Cabineo connector system from Lamello. Save time in production, transport and assembly.

Would you like to learn more about the CABINEO connector system? You can find more information on the manufacturer's website Lamello.

BENZ MULTI V3 CABINEO Multi spindle head vertical / Classic Line
Classic Line
MULTI V3 Cabineo
Multi-spindle head vertical
Reduction of machining time: drilling of pockets for cabineo connectors in one stroke = one hole instead of three. Integration of the machining process directly into your CAD planning.
Connectors – more products

In addition to the products shown here, we offer a variety of other useful angle heads to help you create connections.

More connections with Clamex and Tenso

No more time-consuming and complicated gluing or screws! The way of the future is "insert and it's ready". Thanks to the CLAMEX removable connectors furniture can even be easily dismantled and reassembled.

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