Released on 10/7/21

Realized advantages :

  • previous competitor tool: complete failure after 80,000 parts
  • driven heavy-duty tool from BENZ: optimized bearing arrangement and designs used > reductions up to 25% for circumferential force and bearing load
  • BENZ tool show no signs of wear even with over 80,000 parts produced



Large-scale production and maximum precision are the key words when it comes to the core competencies of UKM Fahrzeugteile GmbH. For the milling of a camshaft for injection pumps, the specialist for automotive parts - after bad experiences with the OEM tool - relies on a driven tool developed together with BENZ GmbH Werkzeugsysteme. With resounding success: The availability and the tool quantity have increased. At the same time, the quality of machining has improved significantly.

High failure and maintenance costs due to OEM tooling

At its Hirschfeld location, UKM produces, among other things, camshafts for injection pumps in combustion engines on several vertical turning centers for numerous automotive manufacturers. The 2.8-3 million parts per year are produced in 4-shift operation around the clock, which places high demands on the load capacity of the machine and tool. The tool originally used could not withstand these enormous loads.

Driven tools were used to machine the cam from a chrome-alloyed rolling bearing steel. After the start of series production, the same problem occurred again and again: After approx. 80,000 parts, the stresses of machining led to a complete failure of the driven tool. The driven tool was not optimally designed for the enormous forces that have to be absorbed during machining, which in total led to massive economic burdens for UKM.

Although the production of the camshaft could be sustained with an enormous expenditure of time and money, in the long run it was clear to UKM process engineer Christian Schwierz that he would have to look for an alternative in order to be able to consistently deliver the promised production quantity week after week.

Modular system for heavy-duty applications

"We quickly discovered BENZ GmbH Werkzeugsysteme from Haslach, which enjoys an excellent reputation in the market when it comes to special solutions," explains Christian Schwierz. After the initial contact by telephone, they met within a week for an on-site appointment in Reinsberg to determine UKM's requirements and to analyze previous weaknesses of the tool that was being used. During the constructive design of the driven tool by the design department of BENZ Werkzeugsysteme GmbH, particular attention was paid to optimally implementing the solution approaches worked out during the discussion. Following the development of an initial proposal for a solution, minimal changes were therefore made once again in order to adapt the tool as best as possible to the high loads in production. For example, the drive coupling was designed as a modular system in order to be able to react immediately in the event of an imminent wear. In addition, the reduction ratio to slow (approx. 4:1) was divided between two gear stages, which also reduces the load on individual components in the tool. Reductions of up to 25% were achieved in circumferential force and bearing load. By optimizing the bearing arrangement and the designs used compared to the original equipment tool, the performance capability of the BENZ tool was further improved.

the meanwhile, we have exceeded the critical quantity of 80,000 parts with the BENZ solution, at which the OEM tool failed. The BENZ tool continues to function smoothly and shows no measurable signs of wear, which speaks for the high implementation quality of our requirements," Christian Schwierz is pleased to say, "During the evaluation of the machine data, it was also gratifying to note that the load on the main drive was reduced by more than half. This is an aspect that should not be underestimated, especially for energy-saving approaches in the production process.