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Benz Tooling has decades of experience creating and repairing precision CNC equipment and understand that unexpected tool failures can happen for a variety of reasons after years of use. We ensure your CNC tooling is always up to the job at hand by providing repair services that meet the highest industry standards. Hiring a professional CNC repair team is critical in order to minimize or even prevent downtime for your production line. We are equipped to service the full range of Benz metal tooling products.

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CNC Machine Repair Issues: Alignment

A CNC conversion or a CNC upgrade for your metal tooling breathes life into the machine by making all of your metalworking faster and more efficient. By opting for a CNC tooling conversion, you’ll be able to complete much more complicated tasks without having to rely on manual gauges or tools to measure your work.

For business owners that use milling machines and other metalworking machines to complete client tasks and projects, a CNC tooling conversion will likely allow you to increase the range of services offered, while increasing the quality of your finished products.

Done right, a CNC tooling conversion or upgrade for your metal tools can make inefficiency and decreased productivity a thing of the past, and give you the confidence to complete top notch work quickly and efficiently.

CNC Repair Issues: Backlash, Hydraulics and Software Controls

Benz Tooling is not your typical CNC repair shop. With more than three hundred employees and partners in dozens of countries worldwide, we work to keep costs lower than that of smaller shops with limited resources, and our CNC tooling conversion team has access to industry-leading resources that allow us to make the CNC upgrade process for your metal milling machine tools more cost effective than virtually all other major industry players.

And when you combine the cost savings of our CNC tooling upgrade services with the quality of product we deliver, there really is no alternative to the Benz Tooling CNC upgrade process.

With a guarantee that we stamp on every one of our metal tools, you can be confident that the metal tools you convert through us will be able to withstand just about anything life or metal can throw at them!

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No matter the issue leading you to search for a CNC repair technician, know that our experienced repair and service staff will be happy to take a look at your equipment. Make sure you contact us today, the sooner you get in touch the sooner we can get your entire assembly line up and running successfully.

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