Bring together similar or diverse machining operations to reduce operating times (usually involves multi-spindle heads).

The potential applications are virtually limitless: Drilling, threading, counterboring, reaming, milling, etc.

The variety of products is equally diverse, from small compact heads with two spindles to multi-spindle XXL units. BENZ offers interchangeable and fixed-flange (stationary) multi-spindle heads in a wide range of configurations. Multi-spindle heads are typically used for mid-size to large-scale series production.

We work in close coordination with you, the customer, to find the perfect solution for your application. Using proven standard components as a basis, we create the optimal multi-spindle solution for you.

We maintain close contact with leading machine building companies, giving us the necessary expertise to develop the extraordinary. Give us a challenge!

System design

  1. Drive cone / machine interface: For holding the angle head in the machine. All common drive cones available. Special connections in accordance with specification
  2. Locking disc: Secures the precise angle position of the drive cone in relation to the torque support arm, in combination with the locking sleeve and locking pin
  3. Locking mechanism: The drive cone interlock, together with the locking disc, prevents the drive from rotating without equipment inserted. This enables precise placement in the tool change magazine. When switching out the multi-spindle head in the machine, the interlock is activated by the stop block and the drive is released
  4. Torque support arm: Secures the multi-spindle head to prevent it from rotating during processing by fixing it to the machine spindle. Generally adapted to the specific machine type. Alternatively: Standard torque support arms from BENZ
  5. Support points: Additional support points provide maximum stability and accuracy during processing
  6. 360° graduated collar (optional): For manual, continuously variable rotation of the multi-spindle head into a desired operating angle. Fixing using clamping screws
  7. Drill head: Material design matched to the application (high-strength aluminum for minimal exchange weight, steel/cast iron for maximum stiffness). High-performance gearbox with hardened and ground gears for maximum power transmission
  8. Tool holder/clamping system: For holding the tool. Design based on customer specification. Central coolant outlet possible through the spindles or coolant nozzles. Coolant pressure of up to 100 bar. Dry running possible


Implemented multi-spindle head solutions: