Multi-spindle drill heads for machining large-volume aluminum profiles

Time savings of ten percent

Mack Alu-Systeme GmbH is known as an innovative specialist for aluminum that also produces for the aerospace industry, among others. For machining aluminum profiles on a AXA HSC3-8000, Mack Alu-Systeme uses multi-spindle heads with minimum quantity lubrication combined with an angle head from BENZ Tooling.

Over the entire process, time savings of 10% were able to be achieved when compared to the previous processing method.

Innovative technologies in manufacturing and BENZ as a quality factor for Mack

Mack Alu-Systeme is always one of the first stops for highly precise processing of aluminum extruded profiles. The company, headquartered in Klettgau Geißlingen, Germany, has developed over the years into one of the leading processing centers for long and large-volume aluminum profiles and construction parts. For years, demanding customers from the mechanical engineering, rail vehicle, automobile, electronics and aviation industries have relied on the customer-specific and individualized solutions from the company.

"We process components up to a length of 8 meters on our shop floor. Mechanical production is done on SPC-monitored horizontal CNC machining centers with rotary tables, designed for serial parts from 500 to 10,000 pieces. The standard for our level of quality is set by the specific requirements of our customers. Therefore, we naturally rely on leading technologies in our production.“

Andreas Maxia, Project Management, Mack

Optimizing production processes

This is why Mack has used tool systems from the CNC unit specialist BENZ for years. “Due to the  heightened requirements with a series product, profiles for textile machines, we analyzed the underlying production process and uncovered optimization potential together with our CNC partner BENZ,” says Karl Schilling (Project Management), explaining the initial situation. 

Horizontal and vertical holes and threads are applied on these profiles. In addition to expanding the range of machinery with an AXA HSC3-8000, a BENZ multi-spindle head played a particularly deciding role in the productivity increase that was achieved. "With the 6-spindle, component-specific drilling pattern of the multi-spindle head and the combination of the bore and thread milling tool, we can machine the vertical threads in a single step.”

Reduction of tool exchange and cycle times

It is thus possible to eliminate the tool exchange times of conventional, consecutive processing as well as significantly reduce cycles times. Just by replacing the previous four-spindle head with a six-spindle drill head,time savings of around 30% were able to be achieved. 

“Looking at the overall process, we lowered the processing time per component by 10% and increased the production numbers,” says Andreas Maxia, summarizing the success of the optimization. The speeds of the multi-spindle heads were also adapted to the tool diameters. The minimum quantity lubrication that was used ensures environmentally friendly, emulsion-free processing.

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