BENZ angle heads

Manual or automatic tool change for any application

Step-by-step tutorial: BENZ Angle Head Installation

How to install a BENZ Angle Head and a stop-block on a machining center. This video demonstrates exactly what to do for BENZ Select Line products and customized BENZ Angle Heads.


Angle head Mono WSX

Angle head 90°

Angle head Duo WZX

Angle head 90° - output spindle on both sides

Angle head Forte WWX

Angle head 90° - reset output spindle / tool holding fixture

Angle head Slim WGX

Angle head 90° - narrow design

Angle head Slim WGX-S

Angle head 90° - extremely narrow design

Angle head Fix WFX

Angle head ≠ 90° - with fixed angle

Angle head Flex WDX

Angle head 0-100° - with flexible angle / stepless adjustment

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Customised Angle Head

Individualized custom solutions