The combination of tailstock centering that is free of play with an extremely large planar support, in conjunction with high clamping forces, enables BENZ Solidfix® to offer maximum tilt resistance and stability, which fulfills the requirements of milling. The high torque transfer and the high potential speeds also characterize the performance capability. This is supported by a special clamping mechanism, which operates centrally, without lateral forces, and works together with the high-precision and compact components to achieve top values for concentricity, flexural strength and repeatability. The design engineering makes the system suitable for tools with internal cooling.



  • Compact design
  • Large planar support
  • High system stiffness (suitability for milling)
  • High torque transmission
  • High speeds (neutrally balanced design)


  • Extremely high concentricity < 5 µm at 30 mm
  • High repeatability
  • Central application of force free of lateral forces
  • Tailstock centering free of play


  • Quick change, exchange time < 20 seconds
  • One-hand operation
  • Simple handling without any specialized tools
  • Path-controlled clamping (180°); tightening possible without a torque wrench
  • Automatic ejection function


  • Captive fastener via safety bayonet
  • Self-locking clamping function
  • Avoidance of operating error
  • Compliance with the Machinery Directive as per 2006/42/EC

Tool exchange with the BENZ Solidfix® modular quick-change system

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