The preventive approach:

Regular maintenance of units

As a company that’s worked in the metal tooling industry for years, we know the positive impact regular preventive maintenance can have on the longevity of some of your top-performing metal tooling equipment. That’s why here at Benz Tooling, we put a premium on providing industry-leading preventive maintenance for job shops to maintain their metal tooling equipment for years to come.

With our preventive maintenance service for machine tool accessories, you can now ensure your live tools and right angle heads continue to operate at peak performance even as they are used consistently. And with our guarantee of quality work on all products we receive, customers can be confident they’re getting nothing but the very best professional care for their units.

Your advantages

  • Preventively reduce unplanned downtimes
  • Increase the unit‘s lifetime
  • Maintaining perfect product condition / General overhaul
  • Can be done during a shutdown

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What is Metal Tooling Preventive Maintenance?

Just like everything that gets used often, the units that you use for metalworking can corrode, break down, and even malfunction from everyday wear and tear. Metal is one of the most difficult materials to work with, and utilizing metal on metal can prove to be a nightmare for the tooling that is consistently used to shape it. The metal tooling preventive maintenance services we provide help reduce the amount of unexpected downtime that can come from damaged or malfunctioning tooling equipment, increase your unit’s lifetime by keeping it in excellent working condition, and can be performed during your next planned shutdown or equipment overhaul in order to prevent any production delays.

Our metal tooling preventive maintenance services include testing your equipment for any damage or corrosion, replacing parts that may lead to issues in the near future, and ensuring longer run times by fine tuning the parts of your metal tooling units that don’t need active maintenance at no extra charge. At Benz Tooling, our job is to make sure your metal tooling equipment runs as long and well as it possibly can!

Why is Metal Tooling Preventive Maintenance Necessary?

As your tooling is used and begins to break down from general wear and tear, metal tooling preventive maintenance work ensures that you get the most life out of each unit before it’s time to move on to something new. Without preventive maintenance, your metal fabrication equipment could very easily malfunction without warning, potentially costing you and your business thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in delayed deliverables, unhappy customers, and necessary repairs. When machine tools are not maintained properly or are not cleaned, the machine may run into issues with accuracy and precision. Proper lubrication will prevent sticking parts, which can lead to overheating and cause larger damage if left untreated, bringing repair costs along with it. When possible, a preventive maintenance program is always recommended for extending the longevity of any unit that is used frequently. With our metal tooling preventive maintenance process, keeping your tooling equipment maintained can be easier than ever!

What’s Your Process For Maintaining My Metal Tooling Equipment?

Our preventive metal tooling maintenance process involves replacing worn parts that can lead to malfunction. Once received the tooling equipment is broken down to evaluate the components that have to be replaced. After replacing the parts we test the metal tooling to ensure that everything is working smoothly.


What’s Required To Send Metal Tooling Equipment For Preventive Maintenance?

The tooling that needs preventive maintenance must be packaged safely and securely in order to ensure safe receipt by our team of maintenance technicians. Once it’s ready to go, a handy repair slip must be filled out, printed, and placed inside. Finally, the package must be addressed to the location indicated on the completed slip. Once our preventive maintenance team receives the package and your work order, our preventive maintenance process will begin!

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