Now we’re offering an even faster way to get the CNC tools and repairs you need - by way of our metal tooling express repair service!

Benz Incorporated is the industry’s leading authority on CNC tooling and tooling repair. Our CNC tooling express repair service guarantees the repair of your CNC-enabled machine at a fixed price within 48 or 72 hours. Our CNC tooling repair services are effective, reliable, and fast.

When you run a shop, time is everything - and even a minor production standstill caused by an issue with CNC tooling can cause the loss of tens of thousands of dollars in production time.

With our express repair service for metal tooling, you and your team will never have to worry about lengthy production delays again. With limited equipment downtime, you can continue processing orders and projects, knowing that your tooling is in the best hands and receiving the highest quality service available in the industry and will be in operation within 48 to 72 hours.


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A quicker way to get your tooling serviced and repaired

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How does the CNC tooling express repair process work?

Our CNC tooling express repair service focuses on two things - speed and efficiency. With that in mind, we’ve built out a CNC repair process that ensures we’re able to assess the problem with your machine quickly and effectively before applying the necessary processes to get it fixed. When you request our CNC tooling express repair service, a technician is immediately dispatched to diagnose the issue with your CNC-converted machine. After the issue has been diagnosed, your tooling is brought back to our express repair workshop to receive a top-of-the-line work through. Any and all parts that are replaced are replaced only with OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts, in compliance with the most rigorous CNC tooling standards.

Once parts are fixed, augmented, or replaced in order to get your CNC tool up and running, we test run the unit in a number of different environments to ensure the fix has been successful. While we pride ourselves on every step of the CNC tooling express repair process, we’re especially proud of the work this last step has done in allowing us to diagnose and fix other potential problems with the machine before sending it back to the operator.

Finally, the last step in our CNC tooling express repair process is to return the tool as quickly as is safely possible within the preselected hourly guarantee.

Is the CNC tooling express repair service expensive?

One of the perks of our CNC tooling express repair service is the fact that it comes with a fixed price guarantee. That means that once we quote you a price for your metal tooling repair, that price won’t change - no matter how involved the repair process may be. When you combine our fixed price guarantee with our access to resources in over thirty countries and a workforce of hundreds, you get the industry’s best price and value for your CNC tool every time. The CNC tooling express repair service is affordable, efficient, and designed to provide you with the quality service your metal tools deserve!