Here at Benz Tooling, we specialize in providing upgrades and conversions for standard CNC metal tooling such as live tools, right angle heads, and broaching tools. Whether you are looking for more precision or better efficiency, our experience with metal tooling gives us the expertise and know-how to upgrade your CNC tooling from standard ER collets to BENZ Solidfix® or BENZ Capto™. Our team of expert service technicians has worked with many clients nationwide on upgrading standard tooling to quick change, increasing speed and torque by changing seals and bearings, or switch inputs on your Right Angle Head or Driven Tool so you can use your tool on a different machine model. With trade partners in over thirty countries around the world, we have the knowledge and resources to outfit any machine with the latest BENZ precision CNC tooling.

Outfitting or upgrading your lathe or Vertical Machining Center with the highest quality metal tools is a great way to extend the life of your machine and enable it to complete even more complex tasks. Imagine saving even more time in manufacturing by using faster, more reliable tools on which you can change the cutter in just a few seconds! In just a few days, we can have your existing tooling upgraded to Quick Change, change machine inputs, or spindle outputs according to your needs – all backed, of course, by an industry-leading guarantee that ensures your satisfaction.

In today’s ever advancing metal industry, a standard CNC milling machine or lathe are already part of the everyday manufacturing process. When you outfit that machine with high precision tooling from BENZ or make use of our services to upgrade those tools, it allows you to take your shop to the next level. In experienced hands, a CNC Machining Center or Lathe equipped with premier Live Tools by Benz can truly be a gamechanger.


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How will a CNC tooling conversion help me?

A CNC conversion or a CNC upgrade for your metal tooling breathes life into the machine by making all of your metalworking faster and more efficient. By opting for a CNC tooling conversion, you’ll be able to complete much more complicated tasks without having to rely on manual gauges or tools to measure your work. For business owners that use milling machines and other metalworking machines to complete client tasks and projects, a CNC tooling conversion will likely allow you to increase the range of services offered, while increasing the quality of your finished products. Done right, a CNC tooling conversion or upgrade for your metal tools can make inefficiency and decreased productivity a thing of the past, and give you the confidence to complete top notch work quickly and efficiently.

Is a CNC tooling upgrade expensive?

While most CNC tooling upgrades done by smaller shops with a limited workforce and limited access to resources can be fairly expensive, Benz Tooling is in no way a typical shop. With more than three hundred employees and partners in dozens of countries worldwide, our CNC tooling conversion team has access to industry-leading resources that allow us to make the CNC upgrade process for your metal milling machine tools more cost effective than virtually all other major industry players. And when you combine the cost savings of our CNC tooling upgrade services with the quality of product we deliver, there really is no alternative to the Benz Tooling CNC upgrade process. With a guarantee that we stamp on every one of our metal tools, you can be confident that the metal tools you convert through us will be able to withstand just about anything life or metal can throw at them!