A "complete work of art" - everything from a single source

With individual machine elements, it can be like a puzzle. They all have to fit together precisely to achieve the total picture that you want. For the use of exchangeable units at your machining center, this means: A unit's machine connection must be precisely matched to the C-axis and the motor spindle. Only in this way is the power unit anchored in a stable manner in the machine and secured against twisting during machining. It is even better if you can obtain all components from a single source. Then they already "innately" fit to one another perfectly. Apart from exchangeable assemblies, we also offer you C-axes and motor spindles, as well as further components.

Classic line: Finding a product that can go toe-to-toe with these long-lasting, maintenance-free units with grease lubrication is a tall order. The reliable all-around performer offers an optimal price/performance ratio.

Premium line: Units with oil bath lubrication achieve maximum cutting performance even under the toughest conditions.

Angle heads

BENZ angle heads for the most diverse machining applications such as drilling, milling and sawing at CNC machining centers.

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Adjustable angle heads

BENZ adjustable angle heads with manual or automatically adjustable angles for flexible machining.

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Multi-spindle heads

BENZ multi-spindle heads for the reduction of machining time.

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Floating trimming units

BENZ floating trimming units for compensation of plate thickness tolerances or setting precision.

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Sanding units

BENZ sanding units, for the sanding of concave, convex and flat surfaces.

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Cutting units

BENZ cutting units for the most varied of materials, such as cardboard, foamed plastic, inlays, carpet etc.

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Chiseling mortising units

BENZ chiseling mortising units for making rectangular cutouts for many work pieces like stairs or windows.

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Tool holders

BENZ tool holders for your CNC machine for drilling, milling and sawing.

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